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Personal Injury Claims

Our Mission and Special Services

The Law Office of Roland Ho is competent, honest, efficient, and committed to representing the rights of our clients. Quality customer assistance and professional service are of utmost importance to our practice. Every case is paramount to us, thus deserving great care and attention. Our mission includes rendering valuable consultations on specially-arranged weekend hours as well as meetings under emergency situations.

If your legal issues are outside the scope and areas of our practice, we will utilize and attempt the best effort to locate and to refer your matters to qualified, competent and experienced counsel.

We focus and devote most of the practice to civil litigation.

Please feel free to contact this office to schedule a free consultation.

Litigation Process

Litigation relates to a process in which parties (litigants: plaintiffs and defendants) resolve their disputes through the court proceedings. Plaintiff is the party who initiates the lawsuit by filing a complaint in court. Defendant is a party who is being sued by the plaintiff. Litigation can be an expensive and lengthy experience that can take up to a year to complete in the court system in California. Many California superior courts… Continue…

Free Case Evaluation

Are you being treated unfairly? Do you know if you have a case? We want to speak to you. We will provide a confidential review of your matter at no cost and will gladly present a second opinion even if you have consulted with other attorneys prior to contacting this office. You will be fully and adequately advised of your rights and obligations under the law so that you may select the best course of action to take. Contact us now!

``I have been Roland Ho's friend and client for 7 years now. He had been very professional and attentive to my concerns. Roland would always make sure to return phone calls within 24 hours no matter how busy he was. He would always give me his honest legal opinions on all my queries without being biased.``

Myla P., Huntington Beach, CA
Myla P., Huntington Beach, CA

``Mr. Ho is honest and professional in his dealings with me. I am glad to have met Mr. Ho. He really cares about my case and personal well-being.``

John C., Cerritos, CA
John C., Cerritos, CA

Meet the Attorney

Mr. Ho received a B.S. degree in business management from California State University, Los Angeles, with a minor in economics and obtained a J.D. degree from University of West Los Angeles, achieving Dean’s List for academic excellence in the second year of law school. The principal attorney, licensed in 2002, is admitted to practice in the State of California, United States District Court, Central District of California and United States District Court, Southern District of California.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Ho had job experience in the retail, sales, manufacturing and government. During law school, Mr. Ho clerked for the District Attorney’s Office at the Family Support Division. Because of the extensive and various working background, Mr. Ho is able to comprehend and apply the learned skills to the overall practice of law, thus in turn benefiting all clients who seek the assistance of this office.

On spare time, Mr. Ho enjoys biking, hiking, taking mini, weekend vacations, exploring new places and events, white sandy beaches, with crystal blue water, strolling at beaches on warm and sunny days, fine-dining, family gatherings, browsing book stores, visiting libraries, museums, amusement parks, sporting events (especially baseball games), taking ship cruises, movies, horseback riding…


Latest Testimonials

``Nobody ever wants to be in the middle of any legal proceedings, but knowing Roland was by my side gave me the strength to fight when I already felt defeated. Thanks to Mr. Ho, I have been able to regain the tranquility I had in my life before the legal proceeding originated. I witnessed how hard Mr. Ho worked for me at that time of my life when all I wanted was for 'it' to be over. Thank you for being by my side. I don't know what I would have done without your help. I will always be grateful from the bottom of heart. Your friendship is invaluable to me.``

Itzel P., Norwalk, CA
Itzel P., Norwalk, CA

Notable Cases

This office has achieved successful and satisfactory results (garnering millions of dollars as well as non-monetary relief) on behalf of the clients. We take pride in what we do at the Law Office of Roland Ho and always continue to strive for further excellence. Tiredness and abandonment of our clients’ causes are not in our blood. We believe in persistence and hard work. Such belief and effort derive from the thought that justice and fairness will always prevail ultimately. Due to the confidential nature of the settlement agreements as well as the voluminous number of the claims resolved, our office will not be able to enumerate them all. The following is few of our noteworthy cases handled by this office… Continue…