Useful Research Links

I. Law Search Engines:

1. Catalaw: A catalog of world wide law links

2. Cornell University Legal Information Institute: Great links to federal and state codes, constitutions, and opinions.

3. Findlaw: Searchable links to federal, state, and foreign law-related sites.

4. Google: Rapid multi-purpose search engine.

5. Law Guru: Searches legal sites.

6. Findlaw: Links to federal, states, cases, agencies, and municipal codes.

II. California Legal Sources:

1. American Law Sources Online: Links to laws of various countries, states, and legislative actions, etc.

2. CA Code of Regulations: Searches CA codes.

3. California Codes: State Code searchable by statute number or keyword.

4. CA Department of Consumer Affairs: Links to consumer information and professional licensing requirements.

5. CA Department of Motor Vehicles: DMV information.

6. CA Department of Social Services: Information, policies, and procedures.

7. CA Lemon Law: New -car buying information.

8. CA Labor Law: Site for labor standards, enforcement, and wage orders.

9. State of California: California State site containing state services.

III. California Courts:

1. Links to California Courts: Sites of California courts in various counties.

2. Appellate Courts: California Courts of Appeal.

IV. Federal Sources:

1. U.S. Citizenship & Immigration and Naturalization Service: Government agency, formerly known as the INS.

2. All About Trademarks: Information about trademarks.

3. IRS Links: Internal Revenue Service links.

4. Unites States Bankruptcy Courts: Bankruptcy Courts and bankruptcy information.

5. Federal Agencies Directory: Directory of federal government agencies.

6. U.S. Department of Justice: Site of U.S. department of justice.

7. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: Patent and trademark information of USPTO.

V. Federal Courts:

1. U.S. Courts: General information regarding federal judiciary.

2. U.S. Court Links: Sites of U.S. courts from all circuits.

3. U.S. District Courts: Links to U.S. district courts.