Client Testimonials

“I have been Roland Ho’s friend and client for 7 years now. He had been very professional and attentive to my concerns. Roland would always make sure to return phone calls within 24 hours no matter how busy he was. He would always give me his honest legal opinions on all my queries without being biased.”


Myla P., Huntington Beach


“Nobody ever wants to be in the middle of any legal proceedings, but knowing Roland was by my side gave me the strength to fight when I already felt defeated.

Thanks to Mr. Ho, I have been able to regain the tranquility I had in my life before the legal proceeding originated. I witnessed how hard Mr. Ho worked for me at that time of my life when all I wanted was for ‘it’ to be over. Thank you for being by my side. I don’t know what I would have done without your help. I will always be grateful from the bottom of heart. Your friendship is invaluable to me.”


Itzel P., Norwalk, CA


“Mr. Ho is honest and professional in his dealings with me. I am glad to have met Mr. Ho. He really cares about my case and personal well-being.”


John C., Cerritos, CA


“I am happy with all of your services. In my thought, our friendship is more valuable than just a business relationship. I will recommend Mr. Ho to any friend of mine who needs legal advice.”


Kevin T., Cerritos, CA


“After I got hit by a car and messed up my shoulder, the insurance company offered me $150 to pay for my bike, in exchange, they wanted to pick up my bike (to destroy the evidence.) I am so glad I went to Roland for help. He got me the maximum amount of insurance payout from the insurer’s policy! Thank you so much Roland for making this whole experience easy for me.”


Fred B., Oceanside, CA


“I am satisfied with the services rendered by you. You are quick at resolving my claim. Thanks again.”


Carol A., West Covina, CA


“Mr. Ho really cares about his clients and their cases, unlike other attorneys whose goal is to make money.”


Gail C., Canoga Park, CA


“Mr. Ho is a man who serves the truth and justice! When I got into a legal battle with a commercial bank, there was no precedent of anyone winning a case like mine. I had absolutely none to little chance of prevailing. Miraculously, Mr. Ho was able to help me through a year-long process. He was competent and persistent. He had settled with terms that had released me from hundreds of thousands of dollars that I would have been obligated to pay. I thank God for having someone like Mr. Ho on my side.”


Denise Y., San Diego, CA


“I appreciate all the efforts and services done by Mr. Ho. He is a person of fine character.”


Joseph B., Glendale, CA


“I met Mr. Ho through a family member. He is sincere, genuine, and caring. I would recommend him to everyone in need of assistance.”


David D., Carson, CA


“I am glad to have met Mr. Ho. He was the only attorney who genuinely cared about my case at a time of desperation.”


Maria B., Orange, CA


“My family and I are grateful that Mr. Ho did what he could to help us with our legal situation. Although the result appeared to be unjust, Mr. Ho presented us with hope in our future endeavor.”


Ed F., Hacienda Heights, CA


“Mr. Ho, unlike many lawyers I knew, really does care about his clients and their causes. He is fair and competent in his work performance. I will refer Mr. Ho to all my friends and relatives.”


Charles C., Carson, CA


“Mr. Ho is a very nice and hard-working person. I could tell that he worked hard for all his clients and not just me.”


Jane H., Garden Grove, CA


“Mr. Ho is competent and fair in his billing. I can say that he is the attorney to trust.”


Dennis K., Rowland Heights, CA


“I like Mr. Ho’s professional attitude. He is prompt at responding to my needs. I am happy to choose Mr. Ho as my attorney.”


Ann Y., Torrance, CA


“I have known Roland Ho and have required his services for many years. He has never let me down.”


Kathy I., San Gabriel, CA


“Roland from the beginning gave me the best advice out of all the other lawyers I consulted with. If you’re looking for a great lawyer that is efficient, helpful and direct with his approach, look no further. I was in a very stressful situation involving an automobile accident. My insurance company didn’t want to give me what I should have got for my accident. I have a family with 3 kids so you can understand how stressful this can be. He made sure that I was informed and did not hesitate to contact me with new information on my situation. Roland’s advanced knowledge in insurance law really helped in my particular situation. I hope we can continue to keep in touch in the future because aside from being a remarkable counsel, Mr. Ho is a great person.”


Ardon H., Whittier, CA


“Mr. Ho has been working on a case for me for more than two years. It is an extremely complicated case involving multiple Defendants. Throughout this tenuous process, Mr. Ho has provided careful and consistent guidance that is leading to a good result. It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Ho because he has been diligent even in the face of bitter opposition.”


Reginald H., Pasadena, CA


“I have received a good result because of your help. My family and I thank you for what you have done for all of us.”


Tom S., Los Angeles, CA


“My friend referred Mr. Ho to me. I asked for my legal advice. He told me exactly where to go and what to do next. He did not charge for first time. Second time I paid for advice given. He charged me 1 hr. but he consulted with me more than 2 hrs. He followed up on things. I would refer him to any of my friends about legal matter.”


Johnny L., Alhambra, CA


“Attorney Ho is very knowledgeable and was quite helpful in discussing my legal options with me. He has a fair rate and bills accordingly. He is able to respond by e-mail or telephone in a timely fashion. He is professional and cares about you as a client and person. I hired Roland more than five years now. I consulted Roland on how to go about collecting a judgment that I was awarded. I had the judgment, but didn’t know how to get my money and Roland explained the process to me in a clear and understandable way. Because of his advice I was able to collect my judgment in a very short time. If I have other legal problems, I definitely will use his services again. I highly recommend using him to represent your case.”


Tim P., Azusa, CA


“Great guy. Gave me good advice when I got into an accident at work. He told me my options and gave me great information, which made me smarter on what to do after an accident. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a good honest person.”


Matthew B., Norwalk, CA


“Came out a couple weeks ago to Roland’s office to discuss some business legal work needed. Roland had a strong background with years of experience and good reviews on previous cases. He took the time to talk to me on the phone, at the office and by email and went over the contract and made suggestions I hadn’t thought about. He was very prompt at delivering items needed when needed, and was willing to do additional work to help me out at no additional hidden fees. Would definitely recommend Roland and will be using him for any further legal work needed.”


Erik P., Anaheim, CA


“I had been searching for a new attorney for a while now and decided to give Roland a call in regards to some potential legal action against an employer. He spent about 20 minutes on the phone with me discussing some possible courses of action I might pursue and gave me an honest opinion on which path I should choose. He was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole conversation, and I genuinely enjoyed talking with him. At the end of our conversation, I decided to not take any action, but he forwarded me his contact information anyways and said to contact him with any further questions. He will definitely be my future attorney if I ever need legal counsel in the future. Call Roland first and see what he can do for you before you contact another attorney!”


David K., Los Angeles, CA


“Roland Ho is definitely a professional you want on your side. Mr. Ho has the experience and knowledge you need in an attorney. My first choice for any legal representation.”


Luis G., La Mirada, CA


“I had a phone consultation with Roland.  He is a Really nice guy. Called me back right away and was very helpful with his advice and information. Roland gave me all his contact info should I need to speak to him again. If i need legal help in the future, he’s the first person I’m calling.”


Becky T., Orlando, FL


“No charge for a free phone consultation. Same day call back. Knowledgeable attorney, listened to my situation and provided good advise – looking forward to working with this counselor.”


Miguel, G., Los Angeles, CA


“Greatly appreciate Roland’s prompt replies to my lengthy inquiry on Yelp, his professional advice and precious time! I definitely will keep him in mind and will highly recommend him to all my family and friends!”


Liz C., Cypress, CA