Fee Arrangements

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At this office, we provide the clients with varied fee payment formulas, depending on the types of situations and of the cases involved.

Hourly Rate: This is considered the traditional way of fee payment. The total fee is based upon the amount of work and time dedicated to the case.

Contingency: The fee is calculated on a percentage upon recovery. In other words, there will be no attorney fee until this office recovers compensation.

Mixed Contingency: The clients will pay a fixed amount agreed to, and upon recovery either by way of settlement or trial, this office will obtain a percentage assented to from the total settlement or court verdict.

General Counsel: There are clients (business owners) who regularly consult with our office about their business affairs. Because of this relationship, the clients will be able to acquire a specially arranged rate.

Other Options: Understanding different circumstances facing all clients, our office strives to work out viable alternatives with the clients. In essence, any reasonable option is considered so that the clients’ claims may be meritoriously prosecuted, without delay or prejudice, which is the ultimate goal.