Bicycle Accident

Female bike rider takes a tumble and crying from pain

Imagine riding your bicycle on a warm and sunny day, enjoying the familiar, carefree feeling and the quiet and peaceful neighborhood streets, a careless driver pulls out of nowhere, not attentive of the surroundings and crashes into you, causing you to fly out of your bike, resulting in severe and likely injuries. In some unfortunate situations, you may never experience such a joy, pleasure and fun again or at least for a long time.

Please be reminded that you should keep the following things (if you can under the stressful circumstances) in mind in an accident situation:

· Obtain the other driver’s personal and insurance information as well as the contact information of all witnesses;
· Notify your insurance company immediately;
· Avoid contact with the liable driver’s insurance carrier (you are under no duty to furnish a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance entity);
· Seek legal counsel as soon as you can to protect your rights;
· Document all injuries and compose notes of the experiences of the injuries sustained;
· Retain all documentation (receipts, medical bills, files, etc.) in support of a claim against the liable driver.

If you forget any of the recommended procedures, just remember one thing—contact a qualified and competent counsel for a free consultation immediately to preserve and to protect your legal rights. Keep in mind that further harm may occur if you do not have a legal representative on your side fighting on your behalf.