Aside from providing quality, effective, efficient, satisfactory, personal and professional legal services to all the clients, there are eight other paramount reasons why anyone, in need of legal assistance, should select this office:

1. Experienced and Knowledgeable Trial Attorney

Businessman working in his office, law concept“Knowledge and experience are our weapons.”

The attorney in charge has extensive litigation experience and knowledge concerning a wide range of cases. Most of the cases in litigation are settled before the actual trials (and in reality, settlement is the best alternative for all parties involved). With this background and strength, Mr. Ho has been able to obtain favorable settlements. Although many of the claims have reached resolutions, trials can be inevitable in some situations. This office will be fearless and persistent in bringing the matters to fair and equitable conclusions at trials, including appeals. Clients will feel assured all the way.

2. Personal Attention

High angle view of a smiling young couple in meeting with a financial adviser at home“You have all our attention when you’re with us.”

At our office, you will have the personal attention you need. Remember, your case is not just a case. We are here to serve you all the way. We treat all the clients like family as this is a small office environment where you will feel at home. This is also one of our strengths.

3. Prompt Communication

Blue digital image of globe. Background image“Expect immediate communication from us.”

Regardless of how busy we can be, we will make it a priority to promptly and immediately return phone calls, e-mail or any form of communication. At this firm, clients will never say: “I can’t reach my attorney. Or my attorney is not returning my calls.” This is a guarantee.

4. Fair, Honest and Reasonable Fee

Honesty Concept - Golden Compass Needle on a Black Field Pointing.“We take pride in our billing practices.”

We bill honestly, fairly and reasonably. At our office, we provide various fee options, depending on the types of the claims involved. Please see our Fee Arrangement section.

5. Results Oriented

Golden scales of justice, gavel and books isolated on white“Satisfactory results are our pursuits.”

Clients come to our office with their cases, which may contain many issues of concern and of importance to address. It’s our job to evaluate what is relevant and what is not. Through this evaluation and investigation, coupled with what the clients need, we formulate plans to achieve such goals. Because of this thoroughness and caution, our firm is able to attain the just and fair results for all the clients.

6. Passion & Determination

ADeter mined man running up a skyscraper“We will traverse the rugged and difficult paths for you.”

Once we take on a case, we will vigorously and zealously pursue the claims on behalf of the client. Fatigue and abandonment are not our creed. What drives us is the passion to do justice for all the clients. As long as we are on the case, the fiery passion will never die, and we are determined to go the distance.

7. Availability

Business man climbs a mountain. Risky situation.“You will not be neglected.”

At this office, no matter what the situation is, we will always be available to heed the clients’ needs, concerns and inquiries. No client will ever say, once our firm is retained, “I am not able to reach my attorney.” You will not feel neglected or alone (and we will not leave you hanging) in the legal battle as we are always available to listen and to fight on your side all the way to favorable settlements or verdicts.

8. Understanding

Big group of people of different ages and social position“Our understanding comes from diverse clientele.”

Mr. Ho is caring, compassionate, and most importantly understanding as to what each client is experiencing in his or her case, both emotionally and financially. Part of this understanding derives from the fact that this office has a diverse and broad client base where clients come from all different racial, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds and cultures.