Auto Accident

MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 29, 2013: The scene of a traffic accident involving an overturned sport utility vehicle.

If a driver negligently operates his or her vehicle, causing harm to another driver, then the negligent driver will be responsible for the losses suffered.

The losses may consist of:

· Loss of income;
· Damage to the property;
· Past, present and future medical expenses; and
· Pain and suffering and emotional distress (non-economic damages).

In an auto accident situation, you should keep the following things (if you can under the stressful circumstances) in mind:

· Obtain the other driver’s personal and insurance information as well as the contact information of al   witnesses;
· Notify your insurance company immediately;
· Avoid contact with the liable driver’s insurance carrier (you are under no duty to furnish a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance entity);
· Seek legal counsel as soon as you can to protect your rights;
· Document all injuries and compose notes of the experiences of the injuries sustained;
· Retain all documentation (receipts, medical bills, files, etc.) in support of a claim against the liable driver.

If you forget any of the recommended procedures, just remember one thing—contact a qualified and competent counsel for a free consultation immediately to preserve and to protect your legal rights. Keep in mind that further harm may occur if you do not have a legal representative on your side fighting on your behalf.