Class Action Settlement for $50 Million with JCPenney for Alleged Use of False Regular and Original Prices


A class action lawsuit, known as Spann v. JCPenney Corporation, Inc., Case No.: 12-cv-0215FMO, pending in U.S. District Court, Central District of California, alleges that JCPenney used false “regular” and “original” prices for JCPenney’s private and exclusive branded products, apparently to deceive and to entice the customers to purchase the merchandise.

JCPenney, of course, denied all allegations asserted but reached a settlement of $50 million to resolve this dispute.

A court hearing is calendared for August 25, 2016 where the court will determine if it will approve the settlement (fairness) and what fees and costs are to be awarded.

Perhaps, you may have received a class settlement notice in the mail, informing of the pending action and of the benefit to which you may be entitled.

So, you ever wondered or sensed that the actual selling prices were just too good to refuse, considering the “regular” or “original” prices?

Remember to claim your benefit if you belong to part of this group of persons in question.

Presently, our office is involved in an employment class action against a large trucking company for overtime, meal and break periods violations.

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